We <3 Tim Avery


When you think of the Rochester music scene, the many different bands and expanse of styles probably come to mind. They all have one name in common; Tim Avery. Many Rochester musicians (and let’s face it—many beyond this city) can thank Tim for taking the time to book their band, go out of his way to put them up for an evening or make sure they’ve been fed. He’s done this tirelessly for years at the Bug Jar, and several other small DIY Venues. If Tim books a show every night of the week, he is in attendance at every single one with a smile on his face, waiting to make new friends. Working in local politics to better the city and logging countless hours volunteering in the greater community and his church, Tim is truly a good samaritan whose impact is felt throughout the city of Rochester.

Recently, Tim was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer; something many were shocked to hear about. Never being one to smoke, not having cancer run in his family, and being just a great guy without an ounce of negativity in him, it leaves many minds reeling. With the blow of the diagnosis comes a rapidly growing bill of medical costs.

Since Tim has spent so much of his time working toward bettering this city and asking for so little in return, it’s time for our community to step up in hopes of repaying his good deeds. In a musical fashion Tim would approve of, several of Rochester’s best bands have come together to take part in throwing a benefit concert to help offset the costs of treatment. We feel this is the least we could do. We are putting ourselves in Tim’s shoes to tirelessly plan and execute a day that will be remembered as celebration of his courage and our community. #ROC4TIM


336 East Avenue
Rochester, NY

Saturday Dec 3, 2016
2:00 PM (ends at 1:00 AM)
16 and over

100% of proceeds donated to Tim Avery's cancer treatment



Secret Pizza
Mikaela Davis
The Demos
Dr. Hamburgerz
Harmonica Lewinsky
Joe Tunis

King Buffalo
Green Dreams
DJ Alykhan
Total Yuppies
Seth Faergolzia’s Multibird
Chad Oliveiri